KACTE Meeting Agenda





February 13, 2017


o   Deb Koolbeck, AACTE Government Relations Director, will discuss advocacy at the national and state levels

o   KACTE Day on the Hill, Wednesday, February 22nd

o   EPSB Updates

o   Ben Boggs

o   Rich Miller updates on Program Management System

o   KACTE announcements--   KACTE dinner on Friday, March 3rd at AACTE meeting in Tampa, FL;  other


KACTE will provide lunch to everyone attending on Monday.  We will meet in the EPSB 1st floor conference room after the EPSB board meeting.


A reminder that we will meet until 4pm.   Deb will work with us until 3pm, then we will have EPSB updates and announcements.



December 12, 2016



1.  Reflection on November 4th CAEP Workshop

§  Thanks and Kudos to Margaret Moore and EKU for organizing and hosting!


2.  Bellarmine Univ CAEP Assessment Information—Sarah Bush


3.   KITEP Updates—Harold Peach and Margaret Moore


4.  KCEWS Updates


5.  Legislative Awards—Gary Schroeder


6.  EPSB Updates-  Ben Boggs


7.  KACTE Spring, 2017 Calendar

§  February 13th—EPSB board meeting, KACTE meeting, AACTE Government Relations
            Director Deborah Koolbeck   (Plan to stay until 4pm)

§  February 22nd—KACTE Day on the Hill

§  April 10th-  EPSB board meeting, KACTE meeting

§  June 19th—EPSB board meeting, KACTE meeting?

§  June 26 and 27—KACTE summer meeting


8.  Other items?



October 10, 2016



1.   Nov 4th KACTE CAEP Accreditation Workshop

• 9:00-3:00

• $100 per person;  up to 5 per institution

• Perkins Center, Eastern Kentucky University

• Hampton Inn at (859) 626-1002

Ask for KACTE Block – $99.00+tax

Address: 1099 Barnes Mill Road, Richmond, KY 40475



2.  Day on the Hill Date—

• February 22nd; Rotunda- 11:30- 12:30; Meet with legislators throughout day

• February 13th—after EPSB board meeting-   AACTE advocacy info


3.  CAEP Annual Report Section 5 update—Margaret Moore


4.  Other CAEP Conference Updates?


5.  PARC Update


6.  EPSB updates-  Question/ Answer with Ben Boggs


7.  Other Items


8.  Adjourn


August 15, 2016

1.  Welcome

2.  EPSB Updates Jimmy Adams + Ben Boggs

3.  Terry Hibpshman- KEPAS

4.  Volunteers needed

o Day on the Hill Planning Committee

o KACTE Awards Committee

♣ Legislative Award, Partnership Award, Friend of KACTE

5.  KACTE Calendar on website

6.  Overview of Year

o KACTE Meetings after each EPSB Board meeting:

♣ August 15

♣ October 10

♣ December 12

♣ February 13

♣ April 10

♣ June

o Student Teacher Coordinators Meeting-  September

o CAEP Seminar--   Tentative—November 4th,  Eastern Kentucky University

o Day on the Hill--- Advocacy Information:   February 13, 2017

                               Day on the Hill—Feb 14, 15 OR 16

o Research Symposium- April

o Summer Meeting—June

7.  Other Items

8.  Adjourn




June 13, 2016

1. Introduction + KACTE updates

2. KACTE Meeting on June 27-28 in Louisville (Info and Registration)

3. Brief update from the State Leadership Institute and the AACTE Day on the Hill

4. EPSB updates

5. Other items

6.  Adjourn



KACTE Meeting Agenda

April 11, 2016

1. Introduction + KACTE updates (plan for summer meeting)

2. ETS Presentation (to be confirmed)

3. Materials from CAEPCon Spring 2016

4. Progress about the employer survey development —KITEP

5. KCEWS pilot data project for CAEP Standard 4

6. Day on the Hill Info—Carol Ryan

7. EPSB updates

8. Other items

9.  Adjourn



KACTE Meeting Agenda

February 19, 2016

1. Summer Meeting

2. KACTE at AACTE in Las Vegas

3. KACTE Day on the Hill

4. KACTE / Tax Exemption Status Issue

5. K-ITEP Update

6. PARC Update

7. Other



KACTE Meeting Agenda

December 14, 2015

1.  Welcome and introductions

2.  Discussion of January workshop for EPP representatives (January 29, 2016)

3.  Spring Day on the Hill in Frankfort (March 2, 2016)

4.  Update:  Combating Inappropriate Student-Teacher Relationships Taskforce

5.  PARC Updates and Templates:  Presentation/discussion-- Rich Parker

6.  EPSB Updates

7.  Other Items

8.  Adjourn


KACTE Meeting Agenda

October 12, 2015

1.  Introductions

2.  Updates and agenda for the year (Spring Day on the Hill, Committees and Involvement in initiatives, data/KITEP)

3.  AACTE Updates

4.  CAEP Process/Info from the CAEP Conference in Washington DC

5.  Committee Updates (KITEP)

6.  PARC Updates

7.  EPSB Updates

8.  Other Items

9.  Adjourn



KACTE Meeting Agenda

August 10, 2015

1.  Introductions

2.  Updates and information from the KACTE Board Meeting—Tax exempt status, other items

3.  Updates EPSB—Jimmy Adams, Interim Director of the Education Professional Standards Board

4.  Information from the KACTE/CAEP Workshop

5.  Discussion of the Day on the Hill and other activities in Fall/Spring—Dr. Carol Ryan

6.  PARC Updates—Dr. Margaret Moore

7.  EPSB Staff updates (May be included with #3)

8.  Other items

9.  Adjourn







KACTE Meeting Agenda and Files

April 13, 2015

Following the EPSB Meeting



1) Upcoming KACTE Spring Meeting, May 1, Details and Registration

2) Kentucky Rising-- Update by John DeAtley

Kentucky Rising Files

3) CAEP Conference Update

4) EPSB update

5) Other announcements/adjourn



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